Terra Madre

By michael
13 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1.
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Oh Terra Madre how many ways do I love thee? The fact that I can still boast about showing people my favourite Italian in the city and they don’t know of its existence? The fact that they don’t think of Bachelors Walk as a place to find such great food unless you gander to The Woollen Mills at the bridge. Well these are more trivial boasts.

The real winner here is the food, location and family who bring such unique charm and joy to their task. You really are in the bosom of Mother Earth in this basement. The staples remain the staples. The Lardo di Colonnata which is a Tuscan speciality of thin, salty and herbed fat of pork used as a topping for brushcetta. Their signature Talli di Cappero is a must have and consists of Wild Calabrian caper sprouts hand-foraged in the plains and hills of the Piana di Sibari.

On the main courses it is pasta of some variation but pasta unlike you’ve eaten before outside of Italy. Everything is light and simple. The lamb ragout is There is no fuss of several ingredients clamouring for attention. It’s classic and without contest the best Italian in Dublin. / Michael McDermott