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Three locations around Crow Street
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Until recently, this writer had no idea that consignment stores existed outside of New York, mainly because outside of there, we’d be more likely to call it seond-hand. Either way, finding high fashion items from fashion eras bygone is one of my favourite pastimes, and Siopaella is the best place to do it. Junior hunters can get started in their high-street stores where you might find Marni for H&M or vintage furs, whilst seasoned addicts can delve into Prada and more at their premium stores. If you have a one-in, one-out approach to your wardrobe, it is definitely worth getting to know the staff, because if you have archived your pieces well, they will have resale value, and you can cut ebay out of your decluttering chain. Finally, I’d like to thank all the women who prayed that they’ll fit into too-small shoes, to no avail, and have had to sell them on. You are my saviours. / Kate Coleman