Dipili Boutique

By kate
6 Ormond Quay Lower
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Dipili boutique, next to Nine Crows (where you should also be shopping hard) on the quays, is a store that I’ve sauntered past on a few occasions, wondering what kind of joint it is. Finally, I dared to check it out, and was pleasantly delighted. I thought that the cool sunglasses in the window were a red herring, but it actually turns out that they are stocking happening Irish brands such as We Are Islanders, Capulet and Montague, and Edel Traynor, as well as a litany of fresh young brands from New York. The NY influence comes from the Brooklynite owner who is importing some of her personal favourites to Dublin. There is a great vibe in the store, so don’t leave it as long as I did, and go explore the rails. / Kate Coleman