Sue Murphy

By olivia

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Sue, an art director and designer at Wolff Olins. WO is about 190 people across 4 offices, we work as creative partners to global brands and leaders. I still find it a huge novelty to be able to work with companies I really admire. Many opportunities to nerd out and learn a ton. I’m from Cobh in Cork, but have ended up living all over the place. These days I call New York home, but I’m currently camped out in San Francisco for a couple of months working on some tech brands and building up our office here. Can’t complain at all about the sunshine, it’s very weird getting MORE freckles in winter.

Tell us more about this cover
This cover came from a pattern I did for the US Open Sessions, a mammoth project I worked on at the advertising agency Ogilvy for IBM. To promote IBM’s involvement with the US Open (all that data you see on screen when watching the tennis? Yep that’s them) we created music out of tennis data and hosted a live concert on the cloud. We collaborated with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem (! fan-girling) and TOOL of North America to create an algorithm, website, songs generating for each game and even 187 unique track covers. It’s quite a mouthful, this video explains it a little more.

How do you create your works?
I work very conceptually and like to base what I do off of a lot of research and strategy. I love getting insights from that as it can lead to the wackiest of ideas. I write a lot in my sketchbook, then depending on the project will create moods/proof of concept sketches. From there on I’ll work with animators, illustrators, photographers, etc and continue to design parts of the project too.

Where can we see more of your work? is my website where you’ll find some public work, I have about a million Tumblrs too which you’ll find from there. At WO we can’t show our work for confidentiality reasons. Seriously, it would get all Liam Neeson Taken up on here.

Dream Commission?
Despite still using my fingers to count I’ve love to work on a crazy retail space, or speaking of magazines—I’d love to design a print one.

Whose work do you currently admire?
Aaron Koblin at Google’s Creative Lab is a huge inspiration, that dude has one creative-tech brain. Through working on the 100 Archive panels I see some beautiful design, the working coming out of AAD always makes me smile as well as anything Johnny Kelly does. Lately I’ve been obsessively looking at Sol Lewitt patterns too.

Who should design the next Le Cool cover?
The GIFer extraordinaire! Dave Whyte of Bees & Bombs.