Silver Ferns and Fallen Leaves: Dublin Selected *296

By michael

It’s 1.30am and we got waylaid on the way to this editorial (again). It’s a Dublin moment. It started with a preview screening of Todd Haynes’s gentle and beautiful Carol which casts Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as entangled lovers in 1950s America. We popped into the superb HiLan Korean for a pork kimchi with tofu to line the stomach in advance of finishing the edition. Then as we started the gradual ascent by Dublin Castle, we were derailed by a pal who shall be known as Master Wilson for the purposes of partial anonymity. Four pints of Guinness in the Stags Head and random interlude bants with Miss Hennessy from Indiana, who has been chaperoning media and brewery folk here for the launch of a new Guinness brewery experience, and we are here. With the unresolved issue of an editorial besides having bluffed through an opening intro paragraph.

Topics for consideration which had been swirling about this week with no real bite included the aftermath of the Dublin 2020 bid and where the monies earmarked for this could go now? We also considered the largely distasteful rush of people to become their own rolling news and opinion channels on social media during the Paris bombings.

A twitter skim lead us to Broadsheet’s De Thursday Papers. A typical rabbit hole, except this time. There before our eyes is a thing of great beauty. A simple design tribute on the front of the Examiner today to the passing of a rugby hero Jonah Lomu. A fallen leaf from the silver fern emblem of New Zealand. We zoom in to see who they have licensed this from. It says Chemistry & Irish Examiner 2015. We feel proud that such a fitting homegrown tribute is created and supported. We can put this editorial to bed.

Who needs to write their editorial before 1.30am next week? Michael or Stephanie?