Ciarán Meister – Clarence Mines

By michael

Ciarán Meister is the man behind Mines Clarence label. On Saturday he presents Cheap Synesthesia, an exhibition and live performance, exploring the relationship between sound and moving image.

Photo credits: Mark Earley

Can you tell us a little bit about Mines Clarence?
Mines Clarence is a record label putting out small run limited edition physical releases. I run a podcast series and I’ve done a few mini doc/interviews under the MC name. The first release came out in March 2014 with the second coming pretty much a year later. It’s been pretty slow but I’m in no rush. I’m interested in putting out music by people I know or people I can actually meet up and have a chat with, and build something from there.

What was the motivation behind focusing exclusively on the niche tape market?
I wanted to put out physical releases and tapes are a pretty affordable option. I would have grown up on tapes, recording stuff off the radio, making mixtapes and sharing tapes with friends so that definitely had a big influence on me. Down the line I’d like to put out some vinyl but really I just want to make something that people can hold in their hands, look at and really appreciate the art work. Whether that’s a tape, vinyl, a zine, a t-shirt or whatever it will probably depend on what works with certain releases. I think that tactile aspect adds meaning and gives people some sense of ownership when they buy it. There’s also so many options for artwork, design and packaging with a physical release. I really enjoy working on that side of it as I think it’s a really important element in the overall aesthetic of the label.

Can you tell us about your upcoming event Cheap Synaesthesia, and the inspiration for it?
Essentially the show is going to be made up of 3 audio/visual performances exploring the connections of how music is used to soundtrack film, how video is used as an accompaniment to music and how sound and video are used in a gallery space. So hopefully the performances will blur the lines between those 3 different experiences and mesh into something people find engaging. I work as a videographer/editor, I DJ and make music and I studied Fine Art, so the show is trying to combine the 3.


Can you tell us about the artists that will be performing on the night?
Ralph Sheridan will be performing as Mother of Pearl. I’ve known Ralph for a good few years and he’s one of the few people whose musical taste I trust. He started experimenting with found footage over the past few years. He actually made a music video for the last Mines Clarence release. His performance is going to be a DJ set that drifts between music sound tracking film and found footage as an accompaniment to music.

Redahan is an incredible producer and I really hope people start to recognise the craft this guy puts into his music. He actually has a background in Fine Art but has been focused on making music for the last few years. He’s going to be playing his own compositions with footage he’s pieced together as visuals.

Words for the Unknown is a project that I’ve been working on with musician/producer Sam Kay. We’ve been writing music to some of my video work or else we make a piece of music and then I create a video to go with that. So we’ll be performing live with Sam on guitar and synth and me on an MPC.

What’s next for Mines Clarence?
There are a few releases in the works but I’m not really in a rush to put them out. I’d like to put on a few more shows and put out a few more videos. Just keep on the same path really. Slow and steady.

Cheap Synesthesia (Audio/Visual Exhibition) is on in MART, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, from 7pm to 10pm on Saturday. It will feature performances from Words for the Unknown (Sam Kay & Ciaran Meister), Redahan (Sean Redahan) and Mother of Pearl (Ralph Sheridan)