Love Actually: Dublin Selected *299

By michael

Like yourselves, we were waiting with bated breath on the concluding part of Debbie Jenkinson’s cover series this week. For those who need a refresh, here’s the first part.

We were speculating in the office as to how it would conclude. Predictions ranged from a family gathering under a Christmas tree to a dramatic plane hi-jacking. Bizarrely, we were blind-sided when Debbie sent her cover in on Tuesday. We didn’t see this happening which is odd as she simply encapsulated the story of the year, the moment when our hearts burst with pride on a day we will remember forever.

As always, we want to thank our wonderful team of contributors, the people who create a vibrant cultural agenda for the city every week and you for sticking with us. May we wish you and those you love and those who love you a wonderful Christmas. Cherish the love.

Who’s more than a stocking filler this week? Michael or Stephanie?