Boy Wonder – Seán Kennedy

By michael

Classical tenor Sean Kennedy connects with music as he delves into his past for his debut show Boy in the Fringe Festival.

Photo Credit: Paul Mahon

“Boy is about singing how much i love it and the joy into brings into my life. I started training as a classical tenor around ten years ago and found it very therapeutic when there were other things going on in my life.

When I was around 23, I had been through a period of counselling in college and had finished up. I had been through an amazing process and had this feeling of wanting to share it with other people and wanting to show that things can work out. I started imagining how I would do that and bring it to people. It only occurred to me years later that I could do that with singing.

Originally I didn’t want to reveal that it is mined from my own life experience because my fear was that people would consider it self-indulgent. I had to come to terms with explaining that these terrible things can happen. What I talk about in the show is the crazy things that happened to me in my childhood right into my adulthood and how to get through that.

The songs act as emotional vents. When I started to learn to control my voice and focus my singing, I started listening to these songs. All of a sudden these memories and emotions started bubbling up. I felt like I was crying about things and releasing that. It was crystallizing these things in my past that could be released. These arias resonated with different moments in my life.

As a tenor I love singing romantic period arias. They are really big, expressive and dramatic. On stage, I have my music director Tom Kehoe who is on piano. Christopher Moriarty-Pearson is on clarinet, David Thornton is on violin and Mark Kavanagh is on cello.

It’s been a really steep learning curve doing this. There are so many elements involved in creating a show that I was not aware about and you don’t see. You really can’t do it without the support and help of friends. I spent alot of time in the rehearsal room on my own before I got over the hump of looking for advise. My housemate says to me it’s like ‘killing your darlings’ but you need outside perspective.

I’m really looking forward to having a lie in and not waking up at 6am with a panic about the day ahead. I will be sad when it is over too though.”

Boy is on the Blackbox at Smock Alley Theatre. Preview Tuesday Sept. 15th and nightly shows on Sept. 16, 18 & 19 at 8.30pm.