Thursday December 10

We Are Nonetheless Always Under the Influence of Gravity

NCAD Annex
101 - 103 James Street,
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This Thursday evening, NCAD MFA will preview We are nonetheless always under the influence of gravity, a diverse exhibition curated by Lee Welch, which is comprised of twenty-three Masters of Fine Art students whose work extends across myriad channels of expression. The invariable force of gravity in one’s existence is explored throughout each piece, with interpretations as multifarious (yet always universally-resonant) as the mediums themselves. The concept of weightlessness is examined in Jane Rainey’s vibrant, distorted landscapes and Kate Cunningham’s waves installation, while gravity manifesting in a far less literal sense – through the suppressive weight of institutions and societal restrictions – forms the basis of multiple, thought-provoking works. The latter is evident in participatory artist Celina Muldoon’s “Hermaphrodite’s Party,” a performance which envisages a future world unshackled by gender, and in Austin Hearne’s layered artwork that dissects the repressive history of Catholicism in Ireland. Eclecticism is undoubtedly the operative word of the night: additional highlights will include Saidhbhín Gibson’s multi-purpose, sequined oak structure entitled “In the Future,” Michelle Hall’s film “Storage” that offers audiences a first taste of her evolving body of work and Vici Waterstone’s art-piece, backed by an untarnished fragment of history – vintage Lucienne Day fabric boasting the script of 15th century, Persian poetry. / Amelia O’Mahony-Brady