Wednesday July 8

(It’s kind of like) telephone

Until July 28
How much?

(It’s kind of like) telephone isn’t just an exhibition, available to view for anyone in and around Dublin in the next month, but it is also a democratic visual banter between artists, which is accessible to anyone with the internet, at its home on Tumblr. The artists involved include the singular Dragana Jurisic, whose recent 100 Muses stunned, and Kate Nolan, who has been studying women in contemporary Ireland through her lens with recent project Mná. There’s also Ethna O’Regan, who has documented place and atmosphere with beautiful nuance, and the zany, pictorialist Amy Stevens, as well as others. ArtBox will be buzzing as PhotoIreland gets underway, so check out the opening by all means, but also make sure to go back at a quieter time to really appreciate and savour the work that is there to be enjoyed. / Kate Coleman