Saturday July 4


South Studios
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6pm (runs to July 31)
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First things first, Jigeum is the Korean for ‘Now’. And true to its name, this is likely to be the best and possibly only snapshot of Korean photography you will get to see this year. Emanating from the students of Fine Art Photography in Chung-Ang University in Korea, this exhibition is a rare chance to compare and contrast what exercises and exhilarates the photographic eye within their culture. The grainy pigment prints of Youngdon Jung makes one squint to make out the nebulous characters contained within. Likewise, there’s a foreboding invitation to peer more closely at Foresta, the images of entangled roots and branches, by Taejoong Kim. The sullen and superior look of  a businessman through reflected glass by Changyu Kim. There’s a beautiful series of objects in various stages of ice thaw and refreshingly images which carry the hallmark of being distinctly Korean in terms of the people captured in it and the accompanying Korean text. Does this offer a single statement on contemporary photographic practices in Korea? No! Does it mirror the diverse interests that photographic students and graduates have all over the world when it comes to choosing their area of interest? Yes. Other artists to feature will be Hyungsik Kim, A-Ri Kim, Jaeyeon Kim, Taejun Yoon, and Youngjin Yoo. And many will be in attendance and one hopes eager to strike up some connections with photographic enthusiasts here.