Tuesday July 14

Under the Influence

How much?

“Oh, that guy is a massive get”, said a photographer pal as he pointed out all the must-sees in this year’s PhotoIreland to me. Dominic Hawgood’s Under the Influence is as exciting as the promo image promised. Hawgood is a photographer who has seized the tools and opportunities that advances in visual technologies has given us with incredible imagination. This exhibition, in the diminutive but certainly not shy Oonagh Young gallery, is a masterclass in the breadth of work that can be achieve through the medium of photography in 2015. The black and white images splayed on the walls ruminate on the subject of exorcisms in African evangelical congregations, and the subsequent merchandising of it, in classic church style. Then, standing out like a beacon, a 1980s pop star lost in Brixton, emerging from a cloud of dry ice, is the pictorial, CGI airport container of hand wash you really didn’t know you were waiting for. But let me tell you, as someone who stared at it for fifteen minutes like it was the Holy Grail of hygiene, you really, really need to see this.