Wednesday July 8


Until 8 August
How much?

The lights were off when I saw Kevin Kirwan’s black-and-white images at The LAB. Whether partial darkness was intentional – the literature said that the namesake of ‘Heavyside’ is a crater on the side of the moon that, because it never faced the sun, was unseen until explored by cartographic cameras in 1970 – or simply the consequence of nobody having bothered to turn on the lights, the point was clear: there are things, one being the spectacular sea arch at Inis na Bró off Co. Kerry, that unless seen by the human or camera eye might as well not have existed. Since most of the photographs were hung opposite the glass window through which came the only light in the gallery, I could not look at them without seeing myself look at them. I, the viewer, was exposed. I thought as I left that the lights should always be off. / Olen Bajarias