Tuesday July 28

Form – Malcolm McGettigan

How much?

The exhibition by Malcolm McGettigan at the In-Spire Galerie is, according to the literature that accompanies it, ‘a study of the human physique in the gladiatorial arena.’ This is another way of saying that it is a series of images of boxers mid-fight. Who and where they are is beside the point: the point is that we have here the body of one man responding to the body of another. If they appear theatrical it is only so that we do not miss what the artist does not want us to miss, which is not some original insight into boxing but a certain kind of beauty that manifests through but is not exclusive to that sport: the beauty of muscles held taut in wait for the blow, of fists held up and sprung forward as riposte, of the systematic tyranny of instincts over thoughts: the beauty, in other words, of the human body under duress. / Olen Bajarias