Wednesday July 29

Consumerism and Abandonment

How much?

So much material has been produced from the idea of the U.S. as the symbol of ‘uncontrolled consumerism,’ so familiar are the images of fish that lie dead on the shore, that to produce any more would be one more plastic six-pack ring tossed out to clog the ocean. Emilio Andrés Codina’s exhibition at Instituto Cervantes is a series of images taken around Salton Sea Lake – polluted, in California. This is a place where ‘Cafe’ and ‘Motel’ signs have outlived the cafes and motels, now abandoned to graffiti. This is a place where ‘American Dreams Real Estate’ is not advertising but an ironic touch in an empty lot. This is a place where the sediment on broken machinery resembles crumble topping on apple pie. This is a place where fish lie dead on the shore. This is, in other words, yet one more unpretty place. / Olen Bajarias