Thursday December 3


Samuel Beckett Theatre
Trinity College Dublin
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At the Samuel Beckett Theatre, as part of Debut Festival 2015, a 3-week festival that showcases plays from final-year students of TCD’s B.A. in Drama and Theatre Studies, is an adaptation of Cleansed, a play by Sarah Kane. Cleansed is set somewhere that might be a hospital, a prison or a university campus, presided by a figure called Tinker. He performs acts of cruelty on people who might be patients, inmates or students—a brother and his sister, a gay couple, a dancer, and a young boy—apparently to define the limits of their capacities to love. The characters are made to experience drug overdose, rape and mutilation, and yet somehow they find ways to continue to love, just as sunflowers manage to burst up through the floor during the course of the play, doing so seemingly for no reason but growing no less insistently for that. / Olen Bajarias